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Corruption Perceptions Index 2012 from Transparency International

Explaining the 2012 Corruption Perceptions Index from Transparency International


UNODC Captures Illicit Flow of Transnational Crime Proceeds

In this video, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime follows individual Euro bills as they are used illicitly, ultimately showing the annual $870 billion proceeds from criminal networks. The filmed transactions highlight profits by counterfeiting, illicit drug trafficking, human trafficking, and trading illegal arms.  The UNODC also captures the impact of this underground […]


Al Jazeera English Reports On Devastating Capital Flight From Africa Via Corporate Tax Evasion Strategies

  Attiyah Waris, Tax Law Professor at Nairobi University, argues that tax evasion strategies used by African multinational corporations drain the continent of revenues that would more than sufficiently finance the African continent.   Foreign Aid would be rendered unnecessary if Africa were to receive tax revenues that are rightfully theirs. The video demonstrates a good […]


Presidential Hopeful Mitt Romney Linked To Offshore Tax Havens

  Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, is unwilling to disclose his tax returns to the public but maintains that he has paid taxes on all incomes.  His company, Bain Capital, established off-shore accounts which attract more business from those attempting to avoid U.S. taxes.  The Romney campaign maintains that they may someday release his tax […]


Great U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Video Outlining Illicit African Ivory Industry

  Richard Ruggiero, Chief, Branch of Near East, South Asia and Africa of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, discusses how poaching for ivory negatively affects a “keystone species” in Africa’s environment.  This video is a part of a larger video series from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service entitled “Save Vanishing Species” and focusses […]


U.S. And British Banks Facilitate Mexican Drug Wars: Laundering Dirty Drug Profits

Former Wachovia Bank Anti Money-Laundering Officer, Martin Woods, discusses how Wachovia, Bank of America, and other large banking institutions sustain Mexican drug cartels. Woods left his position at Wachovia due to negative responses from Wachovia officials to Woods’ investigations of Mexican cartel money laundering within the institution.


Raymond Baker speaks to IMPACT Series at Georgia Tech

Task Force Director Raymond Baker spoke to MBA students at Georgia Tech (his alma mater) earlier this month, as part of their IMPACT speaker series. Previous speakers have included such prestigious names as Warren Buffett and Vice President Al Gore.

He begins by explaining how illicit financial flows hurt the developing world, as well as the scope and scale of the problem. Raymond then asks the future business leaders in the audience to think about global inequality and their role in the world. He contrasts the humanizing philosophy of Adam Smith with the hard utilitarianism of Jeremy Bentham.


Video – Oxfam America: Follow the Money

Standing at the pump, watching the numbers tick away, do you ever wonder where the money goes? You’re not alone: People on the other end of the pipeline are wondering too. While we feel the pinch in our pockets, citizens of oil-producing countries are often not seeing the profits.


It’s Time To Tackle Tax Havens

Half of the world’s trade passes through tax havens. Right now, they are hiding billions of dollars on behalf of criminals, dictators, wealthy individuals, and corporations.

Watch this video, then find out what tax havens are, why they’re so damaging and what we can do about it.


Task Force Conference 2011: Session 1 – Beneficial Ownership

This video shows a discussion about beneficial ownership from the Task Force 2011 Conference in Paris, France. Panelists discuss how a lack of disclosed beneficial ownership protects corrupt dictators and tax dodgers from law enforcement scrutiny, why legitimate businesses will not be hurt by the requirement, and implications for international development.


The Legal Basis to Reject Odious Debt

Part 3 of 3. James K. Boyce and Léonce Ndikumana discuss the debt problem in Africa, and their book Africa’s Odious Debts: How Foreign Loans and Capital Flight Bled a Continent.


The Human Cost of Africa’s Odious Debt

Part 2 of 3. James K. Boyce and Léonce Ndikumana discuss the debt problem in Africa, and their book Africa’s Odious Debts: How Foreign Loans and Capital Flight Bled a Continent.

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